Kyle: RegretsMature

There must be no regrets, I told myself.

I was looking at the till, like it was some sort of alien creature. I could do this! I pressed another button, confused when nothing happened. Why couldn't I do this?

I could just about hear Keri, the gossip, bitching about me to a customer. Oh how I hoped that they were friends and that she wasn't just taking out her frustration on some stranger.

I could get her in trouble for that.

I laughed at the thought, instead struggling with the till some more. She came over and sorted it out, setting me to work on the panini. Well this, I could do. Maybe it took me a little bit longer than it should have done but I did it. A little bit of me hoped that Keri was proud of me for getting something right. Help me.

I found the customer, handing her her panini with my 'customer' smile - Keri didn't like it. She was a stunner this one. She offered me a quick smile as she left.

"I bet she's a psycho. All the good looking ones are." I muttered under my breath, returning back to the counter to see Keri. I sighed, putting on my fake smile again.

"You got that right. You're learning." The sarcasm in her voice stung.

"Let me sort the next one out." I put all of my confidence in my voice, hoping that I wasn't just about to make a fool of myself. She looked shocked, she didn't think I could do it. I stood behind the till, brimming with pride.

"Yeah hi." This bloke said. He looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place his face. "I need some change. Can you help?"

Could we do that? I looked to Keri who nodded. But there was something more - she looked like she was preparing to laugh, eager to prove me wrong and put me down.

"Of course," I hesitated. Do I call him 'sir'? Nah, not in this place - they hadn't called me 'sir'. He handed me a tenner and I looked to the till. I had been paying attention - I knew what I was doing now. With the speed and precision of an expert, I opened the till and smiled.

Then he started talking to me, this bloke. He was acting like I was his best friend. It was just us around since Keri had wandered off, clearly finding me succeeding not terribly entertaining. "I need coins for the machine." He explained as I started to fish out some £1 coins. "You know, for my girl."

My eyes widened just a little bit, not enough for him to notice. Why the hell was he telling me this? I didn't want to know what he got up to with his girl and I especially didn't want to know that. I handed him the coins, looking at him.

I definitely had seen him somewhere before, but where? He turned to leave and I saw him side-on. For some bizarre reason, his ear seemed even more familiar but I couldn't place it.

He walked out, thanking me.

Then it dawned on me, like some sick epiphany.

That was the guy that Cam was with.

I swore, just as Keri reappeared.

"No language like that, thank you very much."

No regrets, I thought to myself. No regrets.

The End

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