Saoirse: All Work and No PlayMature

Another boring day at work, I thought when I was sat in the same dingy office first thing Monday morning.  I tried to make it look as though I was actually doing some work but I wasn’t – I was far more interested in a butterfly which was perched on the outer windowsill by the window next to my desk.

Lunchtime ticked nearer and I shuffled impatiently in my seat, waiting for the right moment to leg it from the office and have an hour’s freedom. I checked my mobile as I waited and spotted a missed call and a new message, I smiled hopefully but when I saw who they were both from my smile became a frown and my brow furrowed.


Message From: Danny Hall

Sent: 24/4/11 at 09:25am

Hey Saoirse, I was a prat before please forgive me – you’re a much better shag then Lauren was and I miss you. Please forgive me.

I love you!  X


I snapped my phone shut, frustrated and annoyed, even when I have left him he still hasn’t changed, she still wants sex all the time. I deleted his number from my phone and set my phone up to reject any phone calls and texts from him. I could do so much better than him!

“Are you actually going to do any work?” a voice said from behind me said making me jump, I swiveled around in my chair to see my boss standing with her arms crossed and a frown on her face – she’d evidently been watching me checking my phone and not working.

“Yes, erm I was just…” I was about so say –just about to check my emails- but my boss gave me a don’t-give-me-that-sh*t- look and I froze mid-sentence.

“Now is your personal life really more important than your job?” she said looming over me and making me feel like I was in primary school and was being told off my the teacher.

“Well??” she tapped her foot impatiently at me when I didn’t respond. “No” I mumbled staring down at the floor.

“Saoirse, you need a serious attitude change if you want to keep this job, you have been acting funny for a while now sort yourself out or I will have to let you go, do you understand me?” Now I really felt like a school kid and nodded glumly before swiveling around in my chair and tapping busily away on the keyboard.

“Oh and Saoirse, I want that report on my desk by the end of today so it can be sent off” my boss called back before shutting the door of her office before I could argue back.

Perfect, just bloody perfect!


“Hey Keri, Cheese and Onion Panini to go please” I said rushing up to the counter and slamming my money down in front of her.

“Is the boss being a pain again” Keri asked me, I sighed and she giggled, “You work too hard” Keri said with a smile. “Don’t I just know it” I admitted, “Hey you get it easy here” I said jokingly.

“You think – the boss has just recruited a new member of staff and he don’t know the first thing about working in a café!” she moaned, shifting her gaze over to a man with short dark hair who was pressing buttons on the till with a perplexed look on his face”

“Aww bless him, I’m sure you’ll kick him into touch” I giggled, smiling at my friend who gave an exasperated sign, “I better go help him before he screws the whole thing up, you’re Panini will be with you soon”

I laughed as she walked away to help the new member of staff with the till then setting him the task of making the Panini’s – something that no-one could screw up on.

About 10 minutes later the man with short dark hair who was called Kyle according to his badge handed over my Panini with a nervous smile. I flashed him a fleeting smile before rushing out of café and walking swiftly back to work – eating my Panini as I went.

“You’re late!” my boss noted when I had collapsed back into my chair and logged back onto my computer.

Ah crap!

The End

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