Kyle: Getting A LifeMature

I woke up the following morning with more bottles than I could remember emptying. I fell out of bed, landing on my phone. It bleeped at me and it got my hopes up. Stupid thing was just telling me that it was nearly out of battery. Bloody thing was dying.

I was tempted to throw it somewhere, anywhere but I couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to do it. It was my last link to her. I picked it up and dialled her number.

"Hey, Cam. It's Kyle." I was shaking a little bit.

"What the hell do you want?" She hissed - it was clearly a bad time.

"I wanted to... to apologise." I mumbled.

"You bloody well owe me one." She was angry.

"Will you..." I hesitated.

"Get lost, Kyle. I'm not interested in you anymore. You just aren't the right guy for me. You just don't make me tingle in the same way that Rob does."

Before I had chance to ask her who Rob was, my phone cut out. I dropped the useless thing to the floor, standing still, unsure if I was crying or not. Probably was.

I wanted to take my anger out on something, but knew that that wouldn't go down well. I'd regret it immediately afterwards. So I simply stormed out, slamming the door behind me.

* * * * *

I found myself at that same cafe as the day before, sitting in the corner, sipping a mug of coffee like it could sort out my life. I looked into the liquid, hoping that something would jump out at me.

I lowered it back onto the table, where it landed awkwardly and ended up spilling over the table. I cursed under my breath, wondering what to do.

A young guy came over, holding a cloth. "It's alright. I'll clean it up." He clearly worked here, smiling as he cleaned up my mess. Once he had finished, he offered me another smile before ducking back behind the counter.

What could I do? I wanted to get a life, find something or someone that would make my life worthwhile. But what?

The guy wandered over to the door, holding a piece of paper. My eyes followed him, intrigued. Once he had stuck it to the door, he spotted my attention and smiled again. Did he think I was checking him out? Just my luck.

"We're looking for someone new." He laughed, pointing to the sign.

"Me." I muttered, wondering if I should actually do this. "I could do it."

"Seriously?" Oh he was definitely flirting with me. That's definitely not what I need. His hair was more or less the same colour as Cam's. I smiled a little at the thought, maybe I shouldn't have done. He came and sat opposite me at the table.

"It's only part-time. It doesn't pay terribly well." I nodded, the idea turning over in my head.

"Well I just lost my last job." It had been a bit more upmarket but I really wasn't in the mood for anything like that. I needed to get my life back on track first. Besides, I still had a fair bit of money saved up.

"Well I'll put your name forward. It is...?" He looked at me, pulling his notepad out.

"Kyle Taylor." I offered a nervous smile.

"And your phone number?" I looked him up and down, slightly worried.

"What for?" I asked tentatively.

I saw the answer coming, but it didn't prepare me for when he said it.

The End

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