Saoirse: HangoverMature

My head was pounding, like there was a big brass band playing very loudly inside my head, I rolled over and buried my head in my pillow in hope that the pounding would stop. I couldn’t remember last night at all – that meant that I must have had a good time if I couldn’t recall the previous night’s antics – but god had this hangover hit me hard.

I tumbled out of bed and shuffled groggily down the stairs and into the kitchen to make a cup of tea to wake me up.

“Thank god it’s Saturday” I muttered to myself between taking large gulps of water, whist the kettle was boiling. I plonked myself down at the kitchen table and put my head in my hands, squeezing my eyes tight shut and hoping that my headache would just disappear but it didn’t.

 Click –the kettle had boiled.

I shuffled towards the kettle, grabbing a mug and setting it on the table; I then popped a teabag in and proceeded to pour the boiling water into the mug. I wrenched my fingers away, I had not been paying attention and I have overfilled the mug with the boiling water and burnt my fingers – typical.

Moaning and mumbling under my breath I mopped up the spillage and finished making my cup of tea, I then shuffled back upstairs with my tea held tightly in my hand and clambered back into the warm embrace of my bed.

Alcohol is good for drowning you’re sorrows but the hangover afterwards makes things ten times worse, and right now, all I wanted to do was curl into a small ball and cry.

 I missed him, so very much!  

The End

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