Saoirse: Night Out On The TilesMature

Alcohol, always a great way to drown you’re sorrows especially after a break up and tonight was no exception! My friends had practically ordered me to glam up and come to the nightclub with them so I could forget about “d*ckhead Danny” as they call him, and after much pestering I had finally relented and allowed them to drag me to the nightclub Pulse for a girly night out.

“A bottle of WKD please” I asked the woman at the bar who scrutinized my face for a couple of seconds before asking to see my id. I sighed before pulling out my purse and flashing her my id, which she accepted and walked away to get me my drink.

“Typical” I said turning to face my friend, “I’m 22 and I am still being asked for ID, it’s ridiculous!” I tutted slightly annoyed that I apparently do not look old enough to be drinking.

“It’s because you look so young and beautiful babe” my friend slurred cheerily before bouncing away into the sea of drunken people dancing to the music.

“That’s £2.50 please miss” came a voice from behind me, breaking my train of thought, the woman who had gone to get my drink had returned. I pulled out my purse and handed her £2.50 exactly before finding somewhere quiet to sit, away from the constant music.

I sat in the cool night air and sipped at my drink, I wasn’t having much fun; my mind kept wondering back to the moment I had broken up with Danny. What would have happened if we had stayed together? Would we have been together forever? Would we have had children? Who knew now, it would never happen now.

Danny had text me for about a fortnight afterwards, begging me to take him back, sending texts saying how much he was sorry and how he could change but I never replied to any of them. I the end I think he got the message and stopped texting completely. Surely that was good wasn’t it? At least it meant that he must have got through to him that I didn’t want anything to do with him.

So why did I feel the sudden urge to text him and tell him I still loved him?

The doors to the nightclub swung open, momentarily amplifying the sound of the music inside, until the doors shut again and the music was once again muffled and all that could be heard was a softbeat beat beatfrom inside.

My friend was by my side, a sympathetic arm slumped around my shoulders, “Hey why are you out here?” she asked slurring her words slightly – she was quite drunk.

“Was just thinking” I murmured.

“Come back inside and have some fun!” she moaned, grabbing my arm and pulling me back inside.

“Yeah, sod Danny – let’shavesome fun!” I almost shouted, realizing that I was being silly letting Danny ruin my night out when he wasn’t even there.

“Let’s have some fun!” I shouted again, raising my half drunk WKD bottle in the air then downing the remainder.

“I’ll get the drinks in!”

The End

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