Troubled LoveMature


No-one could describe the relief that flooded through me the moment I slammed the door, walking out of Danny Hall’s life forever. I had been in a relationship for a little over a year and a half and in his mind all I was to him was his latest sex toy. Danny was one of those men who only wanted sex and didn’t care about anything else. When I had first met him however he had been a charming fellow who had a great personality and could make me laugh without even trying, I had fallen head over heels in love with him but then he changed into something ugly, something I did not like one bit, something that once gone, I would never look back I’d run as fast as I could away from it. It was no surprise therefore when I found that he had been cheating on me with my so called best friend, she had been acting funny around me for weeks and now I knew the reason why – she’d been hiding the fact that she was sleeping with my boyfriend. Love stinks sometimes and it can really get you down, but I know something for nothing, next time love comes to find me I won’t let my guard down completely, I won’t allow myself to get hurt like that again!


I tapped my pencil on the notebook in front of me and signed, leaning back in my comfy leather computer chair and gazing out of the window. It was another glorious summer’s day, what was I doing wasting it, sat in a gloomy office surrounded by absolute workaholics who seemed to not leave their desks until closing time.

I darted my eyes over to the large clock which hung above the door in the office and made note of the time. 12:15 – about lunchtime I thought as my stomach growled at me for food. I tapped at my keyboard, logging it off before swiftly grabbing my coat and my bag and bolting to the exit before anyone could stop me and bursting through the doors and into the warm sunlight, allowing it to warm me up.


“A cheese and Onion Panini and a cup of tea please” I told the waitress who nodded politely before scurrying away, leaving me sitting on the corner table in the café, which was filled with the sound of scraping cutlery against crockery and animated chatter of the other customers.

I usually met Danny here for lunch, I even knew what always ordered but not anymore now I was alone and although part of me yearned for Danny part of me was glad to be rid of all the hassle that relationships caused. All the arguments, paranoia, jealously it was all gone.

However that also meant that all the romance and contentment of knowing that someone loved you was also gone.

God it’s going to be a long day, I thought to myself as the waitress reappeared carrying my Panini and my cup of tea, I could tell.

 I could also tell that my life wasn’t going to get any easier!

The End

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