Travis' Individual reader Response

In the past few weeks we have began reading Life As We Knew it, a novel where an asteroid hits the moon out of it's orbit and causing the environment to change as well.  Tidal waves destroy coastal cities killing millions and Volcanoes erupt all around the world causing global chaos and panic. The people of Earth are left to fen for their self and try to survive as they watch as their once beautiful world is destroyed before their eyes. 

If I were in this scenario I would probably go off the deep end and prepare to the best of my ability for any outcome that might come my way. In the novel Life As We Knew It the main character (Miranda) stayed calm and would think through the problem at hand without losing her sense of logic. 

I liked the fact that in this novel it didn't seem to be fake, it seemed real because it makes you think that this could really happen and that we have to be prepared if it does. I think that it is also very interesting to think how Miranda (the main character) stays calm and it makes me understand that life goes on, even if there is tsunamis sweeping through cities and volcanoes burning buildings that life will go on and that it will, and only will if people stay calm and thinks logically. 


The End

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