The transport was going to be a long one. Helena had fell asleep so easily and for the first time I was allowed to sleep to. So I did. I made it so the seats fell back and turned into a bed. I got a rug out from my bag and lay next to Helena pulling the rug over us before I pulled her into my arms. For the first time in 12 years I allowed my eyes to close.


"Julio! Julio!" My sister giggled chasing after me as I jumped easily from stone to stone. I turned on the balls of my feet to watch my sister follow with the same agility and skill I had myself. When she reached my stone she jumped at me and I caught her easily keeping my balance.

"Faira, you are getting much better" I say placing her down onto the stone. I turn and kneel so she can climb up onto my back. I do this cause I know she can't make the last jump even with the same agility as myself she is just to small. I get to my feet and take a step back on the stone before taking the jump. I land on the solid ground of the bank of the river we crossed.

Faira vaults over my head and giggles when she turns to face me. I smile back and then my eyes shoot to behind her. The bushes stir and then I watch the soldiers arrive from them followed by my mother. She calls to my sister and my sister goes with hesitation. I turn to face the soldiers. "Are you Julio? The child warrior?" One soldier asks stepping forward and kneeling infront of me.

"Yes, that I am" I say with a cocky grin. The soldiers chuckle. "I could take any of you on" I say eyeing a soldier that hold himself in a warrior manner. He smirks and looks at the man who knelt before me, must be the leader.

The leader nods and steps back. He allows the soldier to charge. Side step. Duck. Arm bought up. Fist. Twist. Unclench. Jab.

The soldier falls to the floor in a moan curling in on his stomach which probably has a broken rib. My sister claps watching happily and I smile at her. "Blimey" the leader gasps then he puffs up his chest and steps towards me holding out a scrowl.

A scroll from the royals..... a scroll of a request of arms. I look at my sister and continue as I'm usherd away. Her smile fades the further from her I get.... then suddenly she begins to scream.


I wake up in a sweat to hear the sound of beeping and quickly relise it to be warning me we're landing. I sit up and change the transporter back to travel mode watching Helena wake up and look at me. "You've been crying" she whispers. I don't answer I just continue to land the transporter.

The End

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