I'm Coming

"What are you doing!?" exclaimed Julio, turning from the steering wheel briefly.

"I'm coming," I stated, nearly breathless as the transporter begins to lurch forwards.

He looked back to the window, sighing, exasperating. "It's going to be dangerous," he muttered.

"Well, I've always wanted adventure," I went to his side. He hit some button among all those other buttons, the transporter seemign to drive itself now. He turned about to face me directly. I grinned, "Plus, I didn't want to hang around there any more."  

Julio didn't seem very impressed or amused by me. He looked...worried, "I don't think you understand...it's going to be very dangerous. You won't get invovled, do you hear me? You will remain in this trasporter with the door sealed."

I frowned, looking away briefly. I glanced back up to his face. "Where do you think Samuel is? Are we....you...the only one searching for him?"

Sighing, he set himself down in the nearest seat. "I'll be the only one to get to him," he said. "As I'm the only one who does know where he is."

I sat down close next to him; he put his arm around me and pulled me even closer. Sighing myself, I rested my head against his chest. "You said it was going to be dangerous....will it then be dangerous for you?"

"I will always be in some danger, Helena," he murmured, playing with my hair. I closed my eyes--it felt very nice, almost relaxing.


"Yes, Helena?"

I lifted my head, looking into his eyes. "I think....I love you...actually, I think I almost know it."

"Well, I think I love you too," Julio kissed me lightly on the lips. Smiling, I contently nestled against him, once more closing my eyes and drifitng into something of a happy, dreamless half-sleep.

The End

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