"It won't happen. Samuel won't do it cause...." I stop trailing off.

"Cause?" Helena questions. I swallow feeling nervous.

"Cause your the first person to ever make my heart race. Your my only chance for love" I whisper. Tears spring in her eyes and she pulls me into her embrace sobbing into my shoulder. I wrap my arms around her tightly burying my face in her shoulder and squeezing my eyes shut.

"B-but how w-will th-that stop this?" Helena sobs, her voice stuttering and frightened.

"No one can force you to marry. You have to say the words 'I do' and sign the certificate. It won't happen, Helena" I say my eyes burning furious and bright with love. Love..... something that I never thought I'd feel. Something I'd never thought I'd fight for.

I lean in and kiss her again then- BONG! BONG! "THE PRINCE IS GONE!" I pull away from Helena so quick she stumbles slightly. Her eyes widen as she realises whats happened. I don't wait for her to act. I run and race up the wall and skip round the house from window to window to the princes room.

The windows smashed with glass lying on the carpet. Soldiers stand at the door shocked. I move through the room in a haste and yank the note pinned to the bed post.

If you want your prince back come and get him..... Julio.

I know the writing well and I curse. Its Faira, my witch of a sister. Suddenly Helena races into the room followed by her parents. "I will need a transport to depart immediatly" I tell the Lord. He nods not wanting to defy me seeing the anger in my eyes. I curse and turn slamming my fist into the wall. Everyone jumps then stares shocked as rumble crumble to the floor. I pull my fist back unscarred and begin to pack... well, I grab my weapons, two spare clothes and rugs.

I go to stand before the Lord. "The transporter?" I say with a questioning look. He nods and I follow him as he head off.

"Julio, don't go. Please, I know its your duty but I don't want you dead"

"I have to go. I'm sorry, Helena" I say.

"Then let me come" she cries, tears spilling.

"Helena" he mother gasps shocked. We reach the transporter the Lord stepping aside handing me the keys. I turn to face Helena.

"No" I say then get into the transporter. I start it up quickly and just as I'm about to leave.... Helena jumps in and I can't stop taking her with me.

The End

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