I jumped from Julio, nearly stumbling backwards into my bed. My Mother's eyes were on fire, ablaze, and I couldn't blame her. She was stuttering on her words, almost trying to comprehend the situation.

"Mother, I--," I began. Soon the Father and all the servants were gathered just outside my bedroom door. Even Prince Samuel soon joined them, each looking between me and Julio in shock.

"What is going on here!?" my father demanded.

I couldn't answer, looking helplessly between the harsh eyes of the onlookers, and Julio. He moved forward and took my arm, as if trying to guard me from them.

"Get away from her! Get away from my daughter!" Mother shrieked, her voice piercing the silence and shaking me to my core. My knees felt like they had turned to water. How had this happened? How did I let it happen? Regret, guilt, fright pinched at my heart and seared at my stomach. "NOW!" she was completely pale, the color drained from her expression. "Get out of this house, you-you-you--!"

"It would be best if you left," said my father firmly, stepping forward. "If not, I shall have you removed."

"Just try to," Julio stepped forward, threateningly.

"Julio, please," I murmured, my voice cracking as tears began to gather at the corners of my eyes.

"From now on, you are never allowed to see him again, Helena," Father pointed an accusatory finger at me. He turned to Julio, "And if you ever come near her again, I shall have you killed, do you hear me?"

The End

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