Threat of Marriage

"I'm regretting this Julio" Samuel says with a sigh as we sit on the grass having recently trained. I feel so tired that I find myself meditating. "Hello? Julio? Stop that I'm serious. I think Helena's parents plan for me to wed her"

My eyes shoot open and I turn my head to look at Samuel keep my legs crossed and hands on knees. "You won't right?"

"No. I don't love her" Samuel says and pats my back. "I know you do as well and I'm not about to sabatage your only chance at love"

I chuckle. "Only chance?" I say raising an eyebrow.

"Dude, you could of had any of the girls you've met in a heartbeat and you haven't even tried" Samuel says with a shake of his head. "Anyway, you should go talk with her mate. You two need to keep this bond between you strong"


I felt my heart pounding as I stood at the door from the balcony into Helena's room. I let my knuckle hit it twice a sound echoing back into the room. Suddenly her face appears and she's wears only a thin nightgown. She blushes but opens the door. I step in and take in the room. "No one else is here" She says quietly. "I sent them away... I was about to sleep"

"I can tell" I whisper turning to look at her. She blushes quite brightly and I stroke her flushed cheeks. "You look beautiful"

"Well, of course you'd think that. I'm in my nightwear after all" Its then she takes in my outfit. "What are you wearing?"

I frown and look at my thin, black, light trousers and thin, light, black shirt. "Whats wrong with it? This is what I wear for the night. I don't sleep but I do need to meditate so I have to be comfortable"

Helena giggles then and I watch curiously before taking her into my arms and kissing her passionately. I let my hands grip her waist rubbing it soothingly. I feel so right there..... "HELENA!"

We pull apart to see her mother staring shocked from the doorway. "Oh.... this is bad" I whisper.

The End

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