A Simple Kiss

I lay unblicking on a set of rugs in the corner of Samuel's room. This is where I always sat just watching. People found it strange I could go days and days without sleep but they didn't know my secret.

I was asleep. Most of my senses were shut down except for my sight. I was in a set of meditation that rested my mind and body but tonight was different. I couldn't seem to settle. Thoughts kept jumping into my head. Thoughts about Helena. I banged my head back against the wall behind me only feeling a light dull pain. I needed to rest and I needed to consentrate.

I forced my mind blank and it remained that way till morning.


I kept tracing the skin of my cheek Helena had kissed and thats what I was doing when she was escorted in by a young butler. I almost felt jealousy rise within me. I mean I don't care if it was stupid thinking that she could be flirting with him or he fliting with her since all the servants here had firm knowledge of what was right and wrong and flirting with higher class would be wrong.

Helena looked up at me and blushed. I yanked my hand down and stood firmly behind Samuel. "You requested me, you highness" She says politely curtsying.

"Yes, Lady Helena. I am sorry to tell you that you'll be travelling home tomorrow" The Queen says with a frown. "I wished your stay could of been longer" I felt shock and pain flash across my face but I hid it before Samuel looked back at me with sympathy. "But I was hoping Samuel would accompany you back and maybe stay a while"

I stood shocked. I knew what was happening. This was the starting of an arranged marriage and I think Samuel knew it too cause I could see his eyes widens. Helena remained calm but I saw her swallow nervously. "It would be most incredible honour to have Prince Samuel escort me home" Lady Helena said with formality.

Pain and sadness was clenching my heart and I knew I'd have to watch the next few days of how Samuel was introduced to her family. How they would welcome him into their home.... and if everything worked out they'd be engaged within the month.... that couldn't happen.


The ride in the carriage was overnight and naturally Helena was in another room. I waited for Samuel to be asleep in my space, setting up the diversion on where he should be, before I went to find Helena's room.

I found it quickly and snuck in seeing her sillouette beneath her quilt. I went up and stroked her hair back from her face. I then leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Helena, wake up"

I pulled back to watch her eyes flutter open and her eyes fill with shock, confusion and curiousity. "Julio?!?" She whispered shocked. I nod and press a finger to her lips.

"I-I had to see you before we arrived.... I don't want to watch you become engaged to my best friend" I frowned. "That be too painful"

"But it would be good for my family" She whispers sitting up. I sit on the edge of her bed watching her rise up finding her thin long nightgown hypnotic. "Why should I risk a properous pairing for my family for you?"

I feel pain flick across my face before I decide what I have to do. I lean in and see shock and slight anger on her face as I do. But I don't kiss her directly on the lips I kiss the edge before pulling back but before I do Helena's arms wrap around me and she kisses me with a passion.

The End

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