"It seems you've lost Lady Helena's interest" Samuel says slashing out at me. I dodge it knocking his blade aside with my dagger with almost ease.

"I think she's trying to act brave" I tell him flipping straight over and spinning in time to defend his blade and snatch it from his grasp before pointing my blade to the skin over his heart. "I kissed her last night.... she slapped me"

I drop Samuel's sword and walk over to the well splashing water onto my face. Samuel follows with a shocked expression. "She slapped you?"

"Yes, this one's different and..... I think I might actually be able to love this one" I say looking at my reflection in the waters of the well.

"Wow, that's pretty big for you" Samuel says sitting on the well ledge. "Do you think she could do the same?"

"Like I said she's trying to stop feeling for me but possibly if I pursue her. I can't though cause if I did then my duty to you would be tainted by wanting to protect her also" I say pushing a hand back through my hair.

"Go for it" I look at Samuel confused. "I'm telling you to actually take the chance to feel love. If you don't I swear my mother has thought on me marrying her"

I stand up. "If you tell me to, sire. I shall" I say with a smirk. Samuel smiles back and slaps my shoulder. "Back to training?" he replies by swinging his sword.


I was sat on the roof above Helena's balcony. I was hoping she'd come out and eventually she did. I dropped down silent and hid in the shadows against the wall.

Oh, she looks so beautiful. I approach but I accidently step to heavily creating a sound. She spins round and screams. I press a hand to her mouth and she slowly stops screaming. I chuckle. "Well, theres a normal reaction" I whisper seductively pulling my hand back and stroking her cheek.

She steps away and scowls. "Why are you here?"

The End

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