I knew Samuel was doing this to punish me. I hadn't had chance to charm this Lady Helena last night so he went and brought her here. I shake my head before scanning the room. I'm here to do a duty not get pissed at my friend.

"So, Lady Helena, did you enjoy the ball last night?" the queen asks suddenly I hold back a laugh and I see her look at me with a raised eyebrow. I bow with a gentlemanly manner and her attention turns back to Helena.

"It was a beautiful evening, your majesty. It was a shame it was cut short" Helena replied with grace and a voice so beautiful I was shocked I didn't realise last night.

"Yes, it was. I am a bit lacking in information as to why that happened. Why the situation couldn't be dealt with calmly" With her words both she, the king and Samuel looked at me. Slowly Helena did the same.

"I am sorry it could not of been dealt in another way" I say then slump even more back against the wall further into the shadows.

"Hmmph" the queen says before raising a delicate hand which signalled to the servants to bring in the food. "Lets eat"


"Lady Helena, you are such a delite. It is no wonder why my son decided to introduce you to us. I would so like a girl such as yourself to be wed to him" I almost choked on my drink at the queens words and as did Samuel.

"Um, I think its a bit too soon to be discussing marriage, mother" Samuel whispers.

"Hmmm, maybe your right. Although, you are a charming Lady. Julio" I stand and walk over to the queen kneeling.

"Your majesty?" I say simply.

"I would like you to escort, Lady Helena, to the guest chambers" I bow my head before rising to my feet. I put a fist to my heart and bow.

"As you wish, your majesty" I say before turning on my heels and walking over to Helena. One arm behind her back I offer out my hand. Its hard to notice in the soft light but I can see the gentle blush on her cheeks as she puts her hand in mine. I help her rise to her feet and escort her out of the room.

For a while Helena stays quiet then she speaks. "You have quite a reputation" She says simply and delicately.

"Do you always believe the gossip?" I ask looking across at her. She blushes seeing my dark coal black eyes the swishes of blue striking through them.

"I try and discover the truth of them. Do you know Lady Lena?" She asks. I stopped and frown deep in thought.

"Ah!" I said suddenly beginning to walk again and guiding Helena along. "Do you want me to tell you the story?"

"Yes" We stop in the garden and I lower myself to a bench, Helena sitting next to me.

"It was a ball at their home. I had to travel there with Samuel being his body-guard. She came to me from across the room. She said things like, "I'm fansinated by you" and eventually asked for time alone. I didn't really want to go cause at the time I was hoping to be able to spend the evening with her sister Olaerine but it is not polite to turn down a Lady.... so I went with her.

"At some point she caught me of guard and kissed me. She confessed she was in love with me. That I was charming and incredible. While I may charm many ladies it didn't feel right to decive her so I made up an excuse and left. It was only my luck I bumped into Olaerine. I met her the next morning in her room and Lena came coming to tell her sister about how she'd fallen for me. I didn't mean to give her a shock" I sigh heavily leaning back. "I could of stayed if it wasn't for Lena's tales about how I took her and kissed her in the night promising her to love her. Their father banished me from their grounds"

I laugh shaking my head. "Least I learnt I should never mess with sister" I say rising up. I turn and offer my hand again. "Has that satified your interest in my reputation? I can always get Samuel to confirm my story"

"No, I think that's enough" Helena says taking my hand and rising up. She stumbles and falls forward into my arms. She looks up and freezes, captured by my eyes and the closeness of my lips. I find my fingers brushing back her hair and I lean in to kiss her soft lips.

The kiss is short cause only a moment after I kiss her a palm snaps across my cheek. I turn and look back at Helena whose staring at me with wide eyes. Her lips are swollen and a soft blush is on her cheek. "Where is my room?"

"Through the door behind me and straight down the corridor" I whisper. As soon as the words leave my lips Helena is gone racing to her room. She just hit me and not only that. She regected me. The first girl to not be moved by my words and a kiss.

I find myself laughing and this is because it doesn't put me off her. In fact it makes me want her in a way I've never felt. Not just in lust but by some feeling deep in the centre of my chest that makes my heart beat race.

The End

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