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I grit my teeth annoyed. "Excuse me" I say with a nod and a bow to Lady Helena. I then ran across the hall jumping over a table and landing next to a frightened Samuel. "Can you not stay out of trouble?"

"This isn't me" Samuel muttered pointing across the room. I turn to see a group of black cloaked men.

"Well, if it isn't the grand ball which I wasn't invited to" A voice boomed across the hall. I recognise the voice immediatly and moan looking at Samuel with a 'do-I-have-to' look. He raises his eyebrow and I shake my head rushing through the entering crowd to the centre. I lift up the leader and slam him down on the floor.

"Nice to see you again, Fabian. Survive this" I hiss slashing his throat. His scream is turns into a gurgled cry making the group turn but I'm already out. I grab one of the members from the back putting the tip of my knife to his neck. The group turns.

"Do we have to do this again gentleman?" I ask. They all growl moving in a perfect union out of the massive hole they've blown in the wall. When there all out I kick the member I hold towards them. "Bye bye" I wave still holding the knife.

"You've made a problem" Samuel says. I look at the dead body and shrug.

"They hired me cause I'm able to do that and it was nessesary to make them leave" I say with a shrug. "Now... may I leave and change?"

Samuel sighs heavily and waves me off. I bow and walk off. I whistle as I leav sliding my dagger back into my belt. As I pass Lady Helena I wink and she blushes. Too bad, I didn't get to play with her. By tommorow she'll be told all about me and my reputation and I'll have no chance.

The End

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