Lady Helena

"You seem out of place here,"

The stranger turned about, a face that I had not seen before enticing my curiousity. His appearance was quite striking, though it was different from what I had seen before in men of the court. Almost shadowy...mysterious, perhaps.

A grin pulled at his lips. "I suppose," he replied, almost casual, yet with those two words, seeming...charming.

 I smiled slightly in return. With something of an awkward silence setting in, I offered the next words, almost bashfully fluttering my thick lashes, "Are you new here, then? You appear to know Prince Samuel?" Regularly I wasn't so...flirtatious, I supposed, yet I was very curious about him and it was all in innocent friendliness, I told myself.

"No, but I am guessing that I am new in your view," he continued to answer simply. He then held out his hand, "I am Julio, if you must know."

I gently took it, curtsying slightly. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lady Helena."  

Julio bowed his head slightly. He then stepped slightly closer; something of mischief played in his dark eyes, making me give an involuntary shiver.  "Do you dance?" he inquired in an undertone, almost as if it was a secret he was unwilling to share with anyone else.

I could not help coloring slightly, my eyes flicking about his expression. I blinked a few times, returning my shield but almost pretending to play his same 'game'. "Sometimes," I said carelessly turning my gaze away as if I hadn't the least idea of dancing with him. He waited, not masking a grin as I smiled and offered him my hand once more.

Just then came a great crash at the end of the great hall, followed by several frightened screams.  

The End

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