I dogged the mans punch bringing my fist up knocking the man out cold. "God, Julio" Samuel whispers coming from where I had shoved him behind the sofa. "There was no need to continue hitting him"

"He hit back" I say smirking at my friend and the prince of this land. It was shocking to think of Samuel as the heir to the throne. Samuel rolled his eyes then returned to his wardrobe. "I don't know how you can wear that formal stuff in there" The distaste is clear in my voice and Samuel turns to smirk at me.

"You can beat up guys and even get soaked in blood for your duty but wearing formal clothes is out of the line?" I shrug nothing of what he said taking effect. "You do know your coming to the ball tonight?"

"Whatever" I say going to the balcony, jumping onto the ledge and then getting myself up onto the roof. I am not going to enjoy this.


"I hate you" I hiss to Samuel tugging on the neckcollar of this great coat. I don't know how me got me in it.... Oh yeah, he said the only ladies here would be posh so my only way to charm them was to look posh.

"No, you don't" He says then walts off. I glare after him but do my duty and watch him as he crosses to an extroadinary beauty. Although, no matter how much he talks to her she occasionally flicks a look at me. This makes Samuel look at me also. He sighs and says goodbye to the lady before moving off.

I shake my head and move to the buffet table. I'm about to have a second piece of cooked tuna on crackers when a gentle voice interupts my thoughts. "You seem out of place here" I turn to see the dark haired beauty.

The End

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