Traversing The Universe

A futuristic collab between CrystalRose and I.


My eyes wandered to the window, to the world outside the room in which I sat. I stiffly smiled and nodded as I was bid, attempting to appear half-interested in the conversation around me. Yet I needn’t have even done that, for the ladies seated about took little notice of me.

I lowered my eyes to my skirt, folding my hands for a second time gently in them. All the endless hours of manner-classes had come down to this, which was nearly as boring and torturous as the lessons themselves.

“Helena, you are surely not to wear that dress, are you?”

I snapped to attention at the mention of my name, the other girls turning their eyes at me with that false kindness. Surely they would take about me as soon as I turned around, pretending that I could not hear. “Hum?” I could only answer, somewhat lost.

“To the ball, Helena!” Marna scoffed laughingly. “Absolutely everyone will be there.”

“Oh,” I answered mildly. “I…am not sure what I will be wearing yet. I will certainly be in attendance.”

As if I had not spoken, they returned to their conversation, talking of hair and other insignificant topics. If I stood up and left the room I was positive they wouldn’t have known that I had even if I tripped over their skirts.


The shuttle glided smoothly, almost soundlessly, over it’s sprawling ramp lit the color of starlight, its windows reflecting with the nighttime sky in the glassy surface of the water below. It was a strangely beautiful scene, the sleek silver shuttle cutting through what appeared to be one sky melded together.

To the great towers of the palace we headed, the brilliantly illuminated towers stretching high above us with certain ships circling around.

It was not long before I gathered my gown about me and followed the other ladies, giggling and talking in a gathered jubilant chatter in which I simply lingered in the back. Amongst them, I just followed, almost an observer to the beginning of their fun.

At the trail of their flock I entered the wide open hall, amazingly lit and almost open to the stars with their glass ceiling arched with beams of metal. It almost appeared like the ribs of the dragon, yet combined with the wide range of technology like a spacecraft planted to the ground. At the head of the scene encrusted with the jewels of all dressed guests scattered all around was the royal family.

It was that night, which I believed so trivial, was when I met him. Or rather, when he met me.

The End

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