"Sir. I think you should take a look at these." 

I sighed, rubbed my eyes and looked towards the door. Stood there was my small, spotty assistant Max with more boring paper work that I probably should look at but never would. 

"Max, go grab me a coffee or something." I muttered. I had a hell of a hangover from last night, and I really did not feel like working today.

"But sir, these are important." He stammered. I stood up walking over to him, and put my hands on his shoulders.

"Max, am I important?" I asked him.

"Erm, yes sir." He said nervously. 

"Is it important that I am well, so I can do my job?" I asked again. He nodded.

"Well then, get me that coffee or my head is going to explode." I ordered him, turning back round to fall into my desk chair. He looked like he was going to say something else but changed his mind at the last minute. 

He turned and left the room. I winced as the door slammed shut loudly. I so didn't want to be here today but when your dads the boss you're expected to meet expectations. 

I looked at my watch and sighed. Damn that coffee, Max was rubbish at them. I decided to take an early brake and nip to the coffee shop on the corner. There was a cute blonde there that would surely turn my mood around.

I passed Max on the way to the elevator and he stared after me. 

"Sir. What about the papers?" He stammered.

"Later." I muttered, putting my hand in the air. 

I entered the elevator and saw there were three other people in there. I didn't take too much notice though as I was too busy rubbing my temples. Oh, the pain we put up with to have a good night. But oh boy, what a good night it had been. 

The End

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