Trapped together in an Elevator.

They say a traumatic experience can change your lives forever. This is the story of 4 people who spend quite a bit of time together, trapped in an elevator during a building wide lock down.

It was just another ordinary day at the office. Another tedious day. Rachel was being driven mad by just how tedious and mundane her job was. She really needed to find something new, but what time did she have for looking for a new job when her day was filled with meetings and briefs and deadlines. By the time she got home, usually with some kind of take away for dinner, she just wanted to fall unconscious into her bed, and forget work ever happened. And the weekends were her time to relax and catch up with friends, not stay home updating her resume and trawling the web for new jobs. 

She could remember her high school days when she had sworn she would never work in an office. She was going to travel the world, and yet she barely had time to even leave her state. Between her apartment, and her constantly broken down car, by the time holiday leave came along she never had the money to go anywhere. It was such a shame. 

Now she was on her way to the elevator, for her lunch break. She lived for that hour when she could escape the office, to see some of the outside world, even if it was just the crowded confines of the city. The elevator trip down was just a part she had to put up with. It wasn't like she was claustrophobic, or hated the elevators. She just wished there was a quicker, less jerky way to get from the bottom floor, to the 12th floor where she worked. 

She had been waiting for the elevator for awhile when it suddenly arrived. The down arrow lit up, and the doors sprung open and she stepped in, paying little attention to the three other occupants of it. After all, she'd only be spending a few seconds with them, she wasn't one who made conversation in elevators. The doors closed and they were on their way. 

The End

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