Whisper lightly, soft and slow, Mommys here, she’ll always be near,” A quiet, husky voice drifted through the front hall and I spun, wide eyed and my back pressed against the door of the mansion. I worked to keep my breathing quiet and controlled. “Hello?” I breathed shakily, staring through the dust.

Whisper lightly, soft and slow, Mommys here, she’ll always be near, whisper lightly, soft and slow, Mommys here, she’ll always be near,” the voice cackled and drifted into silence. My breathing was picking up speed and I squeezed shut my eyes, terrified. Please, please, please! I don’t want to see what happened in this house!

“You’re crying.”

I gasped and opened my eyes, letting out a short scream when I saw a little girl, battered and bruised. She jumped back, her eyes as wide as my own. “Please don’t scream!” She begged, looking up at me innocently. Oh the irony, I’d scared the ghost. “I didn’t mean to make you scared ofme.” She held her hands apologetically, swaying slowly as though she was guilty.

My breathing was jagged. “Wh-what happened to you?”

“I was playing with my doll.” She stated.

“Why are you all bruised?”

“I’m not bruised. I was playing with my doll.”

“Where are your parents?”

“Mommy went upstairs because Daddy called her. Do you want me to go get them?” She turned, and I clamped a hand over my mouth when I saw the deep slits imbedded in the back of her head. “Come!” She waved me forward and I followed reluctantly, as an old man came around the corner. “I wouldn’t. The child hasn’t found out yet.” He growled, twitching.

“Are you coming?” The little girl asked sweetly.

I swallowed, watching the old man twitch and shake his head. “Um,” I cleared my throat. “Why—Why don’t you go back to playing with your doll down here?” I encouraged weakly.

“But mommy—“

“I believe you,” I interrupted before she could take a step up again. I didn’t even want to know what lingered up there; and this little girl seemed so innocent. She seemed so real… I bit my lip softly, swallowing my fear. “When you say she went upstairs, I-I believe you.”

“Hm,” She nodded, erupting into a smile. “Okay. I was playing with my doll.” She skipped past me and down the hall. The old man huffed and walked back into the room he’d came. I breathed out slowly, frantically trying the front door again. Like before, it wouldn’t budge. Tears crept down my face. I was trapped…


The End

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