Linsey: Following The Dream

Run. Run. Run. That's all you ever do Linsey. You run. But now you have to look. Look around you. See where you're running. See what you're running into.

Search. Search. Search. That's what you have to do. Find the things you need and find out what really happend. Find out about the dragon.

Stay away. Stay away. Stay away. That's from everyone you know. Don't make contact. Don't say anything to anyone. Don't get close.

You. You. You. That's all there is now. Just you. Don't endanger anyone else. Leave them be. Keep the safe by staying away.

When. When. When. You get away from this island leave the others. All of them. Find the reason for the dragon. Find the reason why there was a gunshot in your parents house. Find the blood wioth the message. Find the trapped soul and set it free. Find the lost soul and give the ring back to the sea.....

Linsey. Leave the others once you're home. Stay away and find the lost soul. Find the ring. Find the trapped soul. Find the answers that you need.......

Don't. Don't. Don't Use your abailities. Never again. Leave them be. People will be safe if you leave them be. Find the two souls and the ring without them. Set them free.

My eyes open suddenly. The cold night is around me as well as my friends. Allen is still up, looking at the stars. He hasn't noticed that I'm awake to.

He turned his head and his eyes meet mine. "Linsey." He says my name like a whispear in the wind. "Are you okay?" He starts to get up but I'm on my feet before he can reach me.

The dream thing still in my mind. Was it a dream? All I remember is a voice talking to me. I remember the words, everyone of them, clear in my mind.

I go over to Allen, my moves swift, weaving around the others asleep on the floor. That's another good thing about being a shapeshifter, you can move easy in the night, not really needing to see were you are going when you can sence it.

Me and Allen are inches apart. I lean forward slowly, my lips parting a little. I move past his mouth, my lips brushing softly against his cheek, going towards his ear. "Dark Dragon." I whispear gently then quickly move back and walking away. Away into the night.

Dark dragon. I'm not sure why I said that to Allen but then again I'm not sure if I'll see him after we get home. Dark Dragon is the name of a very private club I know. A 'friend' of mine owns it. I say 'friend' because she took me in when I was young for a while. Then people came and took me away from her and put me into that orphanage.

She has always kept in touch with me which is good. That means I can start a fresh with her. With her, I will be able to get work. I will be able to get the money I need to find the souls. I will have a distraction from my powers. She can help. Cobra always helps when I need her. She'll help me.

The End

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