Linsey: Empty

Owen's gone. Saph melted him outside while Allen and J went inside.

I'm confused.

Owen said that it's better to be evil, it's stronger. But how can it be when both sides die? How can the darkness inside someone help them against people like those around me? Then the thought finally hit me.

They just killed a man. Yes, we all killed in the fight against the people in black, but this was different. The old man had some truth in his words. We have all killed. Does that make us all evil? We have all been hurt, we have all been trying to do good. Does that make us have more light?

"Come on Linsey, lets get out of here." Allens voice. It seems quiet and far away to me but I know, as I would anywhere, that it was Allens voice. "Linsey." He says and puts a hand out in front of me. I stare at it dumb-found. He sighed deeply and pulled me into a hug but still I didn't move.

"Oit, love birds come on. Lets get off this island and go yeah?" Saphs voice called out to us. Allen sighed again and slowlyt pulls away, hurt and confusion on his face. He turns and starts walking out with the others.

"You coming Linsey?" J asked me, the back of her head now has a bit of ice on it thanks to Kevin. I stare at her, it's like I'm seeing her and I'm not. I blink a couple of times, still not moving. Jadia looks confused. She opens her mouth but another yell from Saph shut her up and walking out of the house.

I follow slowly behind.

I don't know why but I feel empty, like there is something Owen had that I needed. A image of my parents flashed in front of my mind. I grit my teeth and it goes away. He could of helped them. He could of gone back and helped me save them...

Everyone is giving me strange looks but I'm so deep in thought I can react, even if I want to. Allen puts his arm around my shoulders as we all start to walk away from the house. I can sence how tired everyone is, I don't even need to be paying attension for my animal instincts to kick in.

Once we were in the woods I sat down on the ground, making Allen turn to me, confused. The others turn as well to see what's the hold up but I just lay down then curl into a tight ball. "Rest." I say, my voice quiet, distant, not me. Without hearing them answer, I close my red eyes.

The End

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