After sending her message, Jadia knew it had sapped at the last of her energy. She prepared herself to faint, as she had done many a time before, when she heard a voice deep in her mind. She’d never heard it before now, but it was strong and comforting:

Get up Jadia. You can do it. Resist, because you’re stronger than this; you don’t need to faint.

And there she was. Jadia didn’t know how she did it, but she was up on her feet, standing there with Sapphire. Allen was helping Kevin up, but Jadia couldn’t see or sense much of a decision from the undecided Linsey.

As though her entire world was in slow motion, Jadia watched Owen’s skin burn with Sapphire’s magical fire. She watched him almost melt down, his face the image of, not pain, but uttermost rage. His body even seemed to be pulling itself apart, gleaming with crystals of pure time.

Jadia concentrated on Owen’s mind, as a person’s mind and soul were always the last to go. She could sense a barrier of protection around the mind, and gestured for Allen to direct some energy towards it. After all, he was the master of barriers!

Finally, time sped up again, and the shouts filled her ears. They were horrible- but then again, so was death.

The barrier crumbled under Jadia and Allen’s combined efforts, and Owen’s body crumbled under Sapphire’s new strength.

After doing one more sweep of the area, Jadia confirmed that Owen’s mind and soul were nowhere to be found.


The place was a mess. The floor was on fire (though mainly manageable thanks to Kevin). It smelt. And really badly, at that. To Jadia, it smelt horribly like burning hair and flesh, a little token of what she had just done.

The stench of blood was also in the air. Jadia concluded that it was probably her father’s blood, poured to the floor, until she felt something wet on the back of her head. Jadia reached up and touched the crimson blood that was mingled with her ginger hair. Dismissing Sapphire’s gasp, and telling her that it would be alright, Jadia turned to the others.

Now, it was the time to clean up the mess they had made.

The End

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