Jadia: Returning Thoughts

Jadia gasped as Sapphire suddenly appeared in her corner (looking exhausted like the rest of them) and a wave of new emotion and thoughts from another person washed over Jadia’s mind.

Letting Kevin take over trying to keep Owen under control, Jadia ran to hug her friend.

“I saw Trish,” Sapphire was the first to break the hug and speak, “Where is she?”

You saw Trish?” Jadia responded quickly, keeping an eye on the situation, “But, she was gone from here; she teleported.”

Sapphire shrugged, “It’s complicated.”

Despite herself, Jadia laughed, “That’s our lives, my friend.”

Suddenly she sensed a change in the hand of power, a thought of victory, and turned to see Kevin being forced down to the floor, like she had once been.

“Come on,” She said to her friend, before advancing to Owen.

“You’re outnumbered, father. Stand down or be destroyed.”

“Never! I’m sick of your tricks, little girl, and they won’t stop me now.”

He sent out a bolt of pure time and light, which came hurtling towards Jadia and hit her like a strong stream of water. She rocketed backwards to the wall, slamming into it and hitting her head. Hard.

Through the pain, and the blackness that was fading in and out, and the double images appearing in her vision, Jadia could just make out a singular thought becoming its own.

“No!” Kevin yelled, and ran at Owen, trying to chill the man’s fierce blood with his icy hands. He too was pushed back, this time by the brute strength of Owen’s physical hands.

“Sapphire…” Jadia tried to call, but her voice, cracked with pain, didn’t seem to want to work.

Sapphire, so Jadia attempted something she’d never done before. Sapph, it’s me, Jadia. I’ll explain this later. Concentrate your fire-power at Owen; at where his heart would be. The bolt of time energy should only be used as a last resort because, as I found out, it totally drains his power. Be careful though, he might still be physically strong.

The End

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