Sapphire: Darkness

I glance at Trish, comforting me was what the old Trish would do, but now? I don't think so.

 Her eyes were red in colour and her hand had weird prints running up and down them. Her hair almost twitched when she spoke, as though it was alive.

 "So your little boyfriend leave you again?" she sneered. I am fed up with all this too-ing and fro-ing I want an answer, now.

 "Why are you here Trish?" I ask, hoping it would come out strong and noble but it just sounded pathetic and quiet, which Trish picked up on.

 "Stop snivelling and get over yourself. That boy never loved you and was just stringing you along so that he would get to where he wanted, power."

 "No he never wanted that, he always wanted to be with me, always." I think back to the times in the school yard when I dropped my stuff, and he had helped me to pick it up, and then how I ignored him. No, that was ages ago, we were only seven, and it didn't mean anything. I shook myself mentally and looked at Trish.

 "So why are you here?" I repeated for the third time. 

 "To give you an opportunity."

 "What sort of opportunity?" I ask, not really believing what she was saying.

 "To also have power. To stay with Caleb and you friends, to rule over all the puny little creatures of this planet. And to do whatever you please!" She yelled this and it echoed eerily in the emptiness of the space around us, her hair twitching all over the place.

 "And if I decline?" I ask knowing the answer before she even said it.

 "You will perish, just as the others will" she said it so menacingly her voice was pure evil. I could sadly say that Trish was no longer my sister.

 I need time to think, I need time to try and figure this out, I need to get my energy back I need to...

 "I need your answer now young sister, you are wasting valuable time."

 Well, the obvious answer is no. But I would die a presumably horrible death along with all the others who have fought for good even when they seemingly were on the wrong side. But then I could stay with Caleb and Jadia and the others forever, I could be free. Free from ridicule and hate and of everyone thinking I was mad or a loony.

 No, I am not going to ruin it now, not after all this time I will fight till the end I will keep on going as long as I lived.

 "NO!" I shout at Trish.

"Then so it be my little sister, and such a waste it was too." She flung her arms in my direction while breathing inaudible words or some sort of spell I guessed, and out of her hands came a thick and snake like black tendrils, which curled around me, weaving and writhing. Some passed through my body and I started to wriggle, but with my lack of energy (which I completely forgot about being caught in the moment) was too much and I was useless against the tendrils of black poison. It hurt immensely, like being stabbed repeatedly with burning knives and with each new stab of pain I drew further and further away.

 "Bye my sister" I faintly heard Trish say, and then I heard a faint ‘pop' sound on the edge of my hearing.

 Amongst the pain and sorrow I could feel something tickling me. At first I thought it was just the black snake like things, but when I looked down I could see that same familiar glow all around me. Suddenly I remember how it healed me before and tried to grasp at it. Then something unexpected happened;

 "Sapphire," it was Jadia, "I know you can hear me. Work all your fire-power towards any break in time you find; any space or item that shouldn't be, something that doesn't make much sense, or whatever."  I smiled, and somehow collected the golden glow enough to break the bonds of the evilness surrounding me. And then as quickly as I could, using this new power to help me, I aimed my fire power at all the strange white cracks in the surrounding area. They then slowly began to heal, and I could see the faces of my friends faintly among the room. When my work was done the room had almost completely gone back to normal, or what I thought was normal. I searched the room for Jadia who I managed to smile at which she returns, knowing I did well, and then I felt the golden glow leave my body, as it was no longer needed.

 After a second or two of coming to my senses, Caleb appears in the middle of the room, his back turned to me. I get up, with effort to look in his eyes, trying to find that glimmer of goodness in him, and to prove Trish wrong. He turned around to look at me and he smiled. But not a nice smile, it one of pure evil. 

The End

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