Sapphire: Alone

Alone. Lonely. Solitary. Abandoned. There are many words to describe how I feel.

 So, here I was, alone again, in this small little quaint room, which to me looked like it came straight from the back street of Venice.

Everything was quiet, nothing, no noises of birds or little mice crawling around, or even the sound of the sea in the distance. The only thing that stopped me from thinking I was not deaf was the sound of my hands scratching on the floor as I tried to get up, but I failed, it seemed I was too weak. What had happened here? To Jadia, to Kevin, to Allen, to Linsey. To Caleb? Why are things this complicated?, I kept thinking.

Then for a second there was blackness, and I could not see a thing, just my body in a big black space. This is never-ending, I thought. After what seemed a long time, I don't have a clue, I don't usually wear a watch, the room turned back to normal, what? Ugh, I put my head in my hands while trying to think straight. And then, suddenly I felt his presence before me. I look up, in total shock, how did he get here? But instead of a reply to my never-ending questions he kisses me hard and long on the lips. God I missed him.

"God I missed you he said" I looked at him taking in his broad body and chizzled features. But there was something missing, I looked behind him and remembered.

"But Jadia, she's dead" I barely managed to choke the words out.

"So much death and pain that I've caused, this is all my fault and I wish I could take it all back and-" I looked at him in the eyes then and held his face between my hands.

"Whats done is done, it's in the past. We cannot change that, and you know I will always l..." but at this point he seemed to be melting away from me in a strong beam of white light. And as suddenly as he was there he was gone. I sigh, and then start to cry. Will I ever get my Caleb back to me long enough to be happy?

Looking around me I see white streaks forming. They kinda looked like tiger rips in mid air sort of ‘floating'. Though some were on the walls and the floor and one or two would pop up once in a while.

Intrigued, I tried to touch one but it sent a weird and painful feeling through me, but that suddenly stopped and I saw that there was this golden stuff forming around the cracks and up my arm. I took my hand out amazed but still feeling pretty weak. I tried to get up again but it was hopeless.

Sitting on the floor and crying seemed like the easy option, and just rest until the energy came to me. Suddenly there was a Steam of light and a very audible ‘pop' sound that came from just in front of me.

"C'mon sis cheer up things could be a lot worse." Like you being here, I thought. Wait what? I look up only to find my sister, Trish standing in front of me. Oh great just what I need.

"What are you doing here?" I hear myself asking.

"What do you think sis? To comfort you in all your troubles."

The End

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