Jadia: A Voice Outspoken

Jadia stopped Kevin as his hand was on the detached house’s door,

"Wait..." She whispered, close to his ear, "Is that...Trish?"

Kevin made a small movement that Jadia could just about distinguish was a shrug.

"I dunno, I've never really met her," He said, unhelpfully.

Jadia sighed, "Okay, whatever." And she counted to three, so that they pushed open the door simultaneously.

"For freedom!" Jadia yelled, as she jumped into the room. There was silence as Trish, Owen and Linsey almost turned to stare at her.

"Oh, and guess who's back," she grinned, stepping aside to let Kevin come in too.

Suddenly Owen's expression went from astonished to furious.

"You, girl. What are you doing here?"

Jadia's eyes hardened. She pushed against his mind as Owen started to try and rewind her events again. But there were too many of them for him to keep an eye on them all at the same time.

"Kevin, deal with Trish."

"Not in a lifetime," Trish snarled as she vanished with a streamlined 'pop' in a beam of light. Jadia felt that something had happened to the energy barrier she was trapped in, when Allen became light. That, or Trish had some sort of backwards energy deflector… And, once again, Kevin was just left there looking silly at thin air. Owen snarled and turned, from Jadia, onto Kevin.

"No, father," Jadia called. She looked around the room for others who could help. Caleb was nowhere to be seen, but Linsey was there, although she looked undecided towards the almost unconscious Allen.

"Allen, Linsey, you sort yourselves out. Believe. Because I know we can do this...And I would know, wouldn't I?

"Sapphire," Jadia called towards the corner that had been Sapphire's when Jadia had fallen, "I know you can hear me. Work all your fire-power towards any break in time you find; any space or item that shouldn't be, something that doesn't make much sense, or whatever."

"You think your silly tricks will hinder me, girl?" Owen kept control over Kevin whilst he spoke.

"No," Jadia said, advancing towards her father, "But they should help you... Please reconsider, there is always time-"

"Time! I am the one who can control time, not you."

"What about Caleb, what has he done then? Don't do this father; save yourself too by being righteous for once..."

Kevin and Owen seemed to be in a time-loop. Kevin would throw out his arms and send a bolt of ice halfway towards Owen, who would then try and 'rewind' Kevin back to his 'death-state' but would fail and only get so far back to just before Kevin sent out the ice, and then the sequence would repeat. It seemed, to Jadia, that Owen was far weaker than he had ever been before, and that they could be much stronger...if only they all pulled their weight and got their act together.

"I'll never fall for you again, Marguerite."

"I'm not mother!" Jadia yelled. Then she sighed, realising that it was all over for him- he was out of his mind.

"It's the road you took... But the safety of the world on whole is more important than family...

"I'm sorry father but, by definition, this means war."

The End

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