Allen: No power

I heard the whole conversation between Linsey, and Owen. It was obviouse she was being lured by power. Withe everything I had left I made myself get back into my body.

"There is a way to be strong. There is a way to never be weak again."Owen says.

I cringe in pain as I get accustomed to my body agian.

"How?" She asks now totally given.  I get up weakly barely holding myself together.

"Love doesn't make you weak. It gives you something to fight for!" I say now on my feet, not shaking.

"Well then young Allen care to tell me why you are in your current condition then?" Owen asks.

"Linsey he isn't any better off than me. He's lieing he can't do anything for you. He is just trying to use you Linsey."

" I wouldn't go as far as that but I do believe he holds the trump card." Trish says behind me grabbing my shoulder. I freeze I was still powerless.

"But then agian the only one with any power in this room is Linsey, but she is to unsure of herself to do anything." Trish sneers.

"Linsey take him out!" I shout, as I duck and spin kick Trish to the floor she grabs my collar of the shirt and throws me throw the wall.

"I'm not completely powerless , moron." She walks forwards my vision darkening around the edges. I crawl backwards over broken pieces of wood.

"See what I mean. Weak." Owen says.

"Love isn't weak, however what Owen wants you to do is become weak and easy to control.  He is just going to use you. Your stronger than you think, do it for me, I love yo.."  As I get up but before I could finish Trish kicked me face first into the ground.

"This time Allen you die. There isn't a hope in hell for you."Trishes voice already sounded pretty distant. I had to hold run, I had to get back up and get my power back. For Linsey.

The End

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