Linsey: Weak

I'm holding Allens lifeless body in my arms. "Come on baby, wake up. Come on." I whispear to him, stroking his cold cheek. Tears are in my eyes as I hold him close to me. He has to survive he just has to!

I'm in my human form now, we can get away, we can do anything. Oh he has to wake up!

Someone starts to laugh. My head snaps up to see the time controller dude. I scowl at him and look back to Allan. "He's not coming back you know. He's gone." The man sneered at me. I place Allan gently onto the floor and grit my teeth.

"He was a stupid boy. Thinking he could defeat me. Now he's gone, you'll never see him ever again." I jump to my feet, my fists balled and my eyes blazing. Allan's not gone. He couldn't be. Could he? No, he wouldn't leave me like this! "What the hell is your problem?" I growl at the time guy who overacts pretending to be hurt by my words.

"Wouldn't make much difference if he were here or not, he's weak." I scowl at him, my mouth open to argue but he interrupts me."Love always makes you weak." I close my mouth slowly, knowing that I've lived by those words all my life. All my life that is untill I met Allan.

"Do you want to be weak?" He asks me, circling me. I frown, never taking my eyes off of him. My instincts are telling me what he's doing. He's waiting to pounce, just like an animal. "This boy is a stupid brat that deserves to die for fighting a losing battle." I punch him hard in the face, breaking his nose. The man smiles at me evily, ignoring the blood flowing out of his nose.

"You're just like me. That punch proves it." I frown at the guy, how am I like him? "Come join me and you'll never be weak. Join me and you'll never feel hurt. Join me and let the power of the dragon rise!" His voice is getting louder and somehow I can make sense of his words.

"You won't need him," He points discustedly at Allan. "You'll never need him." I scowl at him, turning one of my arms into a lions. "Think about it. If you don't let him go, you'll hurt him. Or he'll hurt you. He'll be another person who has broken your heart. Another person to rip it to pieces." He walks slowly towards me, smiling evily.

"Look at you. You're weak." "I'm not weak!" I spit, glaring at him. He raises an eyebrow. "Oh really? Before you met this boy you would rip me to shreads first, ask questions later. But now you won't. It's because you're weak! You should of let the dragon take over. Then none of this would of happend." I frown deeply, knowing he has a point.

I am weak. I should of killed him before all this but I didn't. Because I'm weak. If the dragon demon took over then, at least, I would of been able to control my powers instead of being stuck as a tiger.

"There's a way to be strong. There's a way to not be weak ever again." He says gently to me.

"How?" I ask, my voice thick, knowing that he's right.

"Love doesn't make you weak. It gives you something to fight for!"

The End

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