Caleb: The Power of Time

Everything happened in a rush of light and I could not but stand gormless and openmouthed of it all. The information he relieved upon my ears stood dormant before the real truth of it rang through me and I understood what he was doing. I think.

So the two titans of power met and suddenly something happened. There appeared two lights before the pair that drifted upon the currents of air like a miasma. Before I knew it one light came straight for me. My back arched and I had the strangest out of body experience. Through my conciousness I saw the light fill every pore of my being, my back was arched and my wings seemed to fill the room as I glowed with a power that was not my own. It felt alien yet right.

I rose up a few feet into the air, the swathes of light blended the air and my limbs together and the wings became tendrils of glowing particles. I looked nothing like myself.

Eventually the light faded and I fell to the floor.

I awoke several minutes later and everything was still, and I was alone in the room. Where was everyone?

But no, I wasn't alone, there in the corner sat Sapphire. But she was so still. I frowned, surely she should be moving?

I went to her and passed a hand over her eyes.


I snapped a finger and suddenly she began moving.

I must have absorbed my fathers power. It made sense, he was related to me which meant his power would be attracted to either me or my sister Jadia, but she wasn't here. Wait... my sister?

So many feelings ran through me, I had memories, memories that weren't mine. Although I knew I had lost my memory when I changed, Saph had told me some things that felt like they belonged to the deeds of others. But now I had my fathers memories within me.

And I was filled with torment.

But then there sat Sapphire who hadn't noticed me, and I was robbed of my breath.

I knelt before her and she looked up at me. Her eyes went wide and she was going to say something but I kissed her before she could. At first she was too shocked to respond but then she placed her fingernails on my neck, then ran her hand through my hair that sent a strange thrill through me.

I pulled away and smiled, once more stroking her face.

"God I missed you," I said and she wrapped her arms around me in a hug.

"But Jadia..." she said sadly, "she's dead," I felt more pain run through me as I Saph stared at a patch of floor.

"So much death and pain that I've caused, this is all my fault and I wish I could take it all back and-" I realised, I could.

But the cost of that would be losing Sapphire, and I didn't think I could do that.

But I couldn't let more people die because of me.

Suddenly time rewound itself. So many event of hurt and pain and death and despair and eventually I found myself outside the house, preparing to tunnel in to begin the whole process where I betray everybody. My other self was crouched over the ground, he held out a small photograph of Sapphire as a child before we left, then the earth began to dig itself.

It was all for her...

I felt something then, like a painful tug on my gut and a malevolent presence in my mind. Then a voice echoed in my head.

With your power and mine, it's time to set right what you messed up!

"What?" I cried out in outrage.

Haha, you really thought it was that easy boy!

"No!" I shouted, "I won't let you do this."

I felt a terrible strain in my mind, like the worst migrain. Then light flashed before my eyes and I passed out.

The End

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