Allen: Paradox

Adamm or Caleb whatever he likes to go by had the choice again doing the right thing but having a good chance of losing Saphire , or doing the wrong thing and either losing saphire or getting her back. Either I had to do something really fast , and I only had one chance, but what can I do? I made eye contact with Linsey she looked ready to fight at any time. I looked at Caleb who look confused, and wasn't going to make a move. Then a strange Idea hit me and I saw I had only one chance, and most likely I may not coming back alive or the same.

"Well?"  The man said.

"This." I shout, taking the most energy out of my surroundings as fast as I can, making a huge blue glow, when I stopped a slight shockwave shot out, the man grinned and laughed, " Your effort is futile I can revers..." To me everything stood still as I entered lightspeed and as I moved my body shot with pain , I made barriers but it did not stop the fact as I was running into air particles at the speed of light wich had the same effect as being radiated.  I stopped only spending a slither of time in lightspeed rate beside Caleb. I grab him and enter lightspeed again.

"How... Oh."

"Ya, I need to tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to take his energy and he is going to try to reverse it creating a time paradox. Whatever happens I think you will be able to take his power since doing this will disperse it. Get it before he doese, and if I die or something tell Linsey I love her, because I know your the only one who can remember what happens here." I tell him as I leave lightspeed again, then appear before the man who was still looking in the place I was before I entered lightspeed,I grabbed him, and begin to take his energy.

"Futile I can erase this incident from time with a...."  Time freezes around us, but we can still move in it, the effects of me traveling at the speed of light and through the fabric of time catches up to me, and I collapse. Darkness climbs around my eye sight as the world seems to flash and explode, then I see myself, laying in a world that is torn and ripped from time being dispersed and exposed. Linsey jumps across a gap in time and turns back into her human form doing so, and holds my lifeless body in her arms tears in her eyes. Then I understood something else, not only did I expose the mans power I exposed mine, and I was drifting around in the energy stream. I needed to get my power back, before I degenerate into nothingness. I also needed my body to be near the place where I regain my power, I must get Linsey help, but how?

The End

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