Jadia: Time

Jadia woke with a start. Was she dead? No. But then what had happened? Jadia looked around her surroundings: it was the beach again, and she was waking to see Kevin blink and stretch, and then stand up. Jadia realised that she had been ‘transported’ back to that time at the sea-shore. Jadia glanced over at the confused Kevin, who was now looking around; she knew it would impossible to try and contact him…life would just work round in circles again.


Jadia’s head snapped up to look at her addresser.

“Kevin? But, you can’t see me.”

“I…can’t?” Kevin was still puzzled. He held out a hand above her face, then tenderly drew his fingers over Jadia’s cheek. She was solid.

Jadia pulled his hand away and let it rest in the mid-air between them. Next Jadia raised her own right hand, and placed it against Kevin’s, feeling the chemicals in her mind react. This was real, and they were truly happening.

Kevin was the first to speak:

“So, what happened?”

“To you, or in general?”

“Let’s start with me, as I’m so important.”

Jadia laughed and playfully hit Kevin, “Oh, be quiet.”

She explained about the mysterious markings that had been on his neck when she found him (though were now just faint pink lines), and went on to explain about the fight. Jadia decided not to tell Kevin that she had run away, but did tell him about the village and her father. She then went on to say how everybody had found their way to the village-like it was fate-and how they had seen the battle between herself and her father. When she started to explain about the way she could sense all the people in the room once she had ‘passed on’ (a sensation that was just like a black void) and about Sapphire’s power, Kevin started frowning.

“Wait. So you’re saying you were dead? And Sapphire saved you?”

“I was dead. I knew it; I couldn’t see, touch, smell, taste, hear; I could do none of the five normal senses, yet my extra-sensory perception was heightened and I could feel the emotions and obvious thoughts of the people in the room…Muddled as they were.

“But I don’t think Sapphire saved me. She tried to help, but all her warmth did was burn the physical carcass I had. She was the only one who could touch and see me, as she too is trapped in time…But how she could actually put something into me, I have no idea. I remember I tried to warn her; I tried to call ‘get out’ and ‘save yourself’, but my body would not-could not-obey, and that was when I knew I was truly dead…”

“I don‘t understand. How are you here then?”

“I don’t expect you to understand, dear,” Jadia smiled sadly at her man, “It’s time-travel far more complicated than my father had ever anticipated.”

“Tell me about it then, Jadia.”

“I think (‘cause I can’t be certain, of course), that when my father first pushed me into the white nothingness, it was because I was in danger. I’ll never understand why he changed his mind, but something must have been wrong with me, and going into the whiteness was my suspension. Something went wrong though, because he moved me around too much, and because I was so eager to set myself free… You see, when I last ‘time traveled’- back to the present (or to be more specific our ‘future’. Ha, I went ‘Back to the Future!’…Sorry, I wanted to say that!) I saw visions of my ‘other selves’, the past one in the whiteness, and felt the present of my third consciousness. I also noticed Sapphire a couple of times as I floated around.

“When my father sent me through time, I supposed he wanted to wipe my existence from the whole of Time, but he hadn’t prepared for the eventuality of more than one ‘Jadia-being’. You can wipe the existence of one person off Time, but if they have clones, or ‘other-bodies’, those will have to be wiped too, before the whole memory of a person disappears. Got that?”

“I think so, Jadia. You seem a lot wiser now, Jadia.”

“Thank you, Kevin.

“But now, I’m back to the time where I saw you on the beach, and I cannot feel any other present around. The ‘me’ who goes through space to die at her father’s hands never existed. I suppose it’s logical to say that time has changed.”

“But your powers were cut off…how do you know this?”

“No, I think (in an ironic twisted way) death healed my inability- physically and mentally. If there were someone else here, my new super-sharp senses would pick up at least a little bit of her being.

“Anyway, come along, cold Kevin. There’s a battle brewing and they need our re-vamped powers…”

The End

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