Sapphire: Waiting

I managed to get out of the way of Allen knocking one side of the house down. I'm not sure if it would affect me or not but I was not willing to find out. Then he, Owen Linsey and Caleb start fighting it was horrible.

But suddenly the scene seemed to change albeit not at all as Caleb, Linsey and Allen. Suddenly I realise what they are doing and go over to Jadia and see if I could help, though I am pretty useless.

"Though I warn you, it could hurt her" said Allen. Why does everything end in pain. Pain is the beginning and the end of life, it is always there lurking in the shadows. Waiting.

I shake that thought off. Isn't warmth meant to aid pain? It probably won't stop it but it would be better than not at all. As Kevin absorbs energy from the rubble around us, I place my hands on Jadia's face, concentrating a warm and hopefully calming flow throughout her body.

Allen concentrates and channels some of his energy into Jadia's body. Underneath my hands I feel Jadia squirm and writhe with what I can only guess as pain. By the look of her face it is not very pleasant. Suddenly her eyes open and she looks straight at me.

"Saph, get out of here, go away. Fast." I look at her in confusion. No way am I leaving her. She then closes her eyes again, but I know that she was not unconscious this time. I take my hands off her and she turns over, and I see Allen has stopped giving her energy. They also looked confused. They all start to go over to her when Owen starts speaking again. Oops I forgot he was there. Which is probably not a good thing...

"Look Caleb I trusted you and you have betrayed me. You have one more chance or you and all your friends, including Sapphire and Jadia will be stuck in time. You will never see them again." We all looked at Caleb, well the ones who were still conscious. His face hardened and was void of any emotion. But Owen's face was a pure evil grin. Great just what I need at this moment in time. Ha I only just realise how ironic that is. I just want to be back home, to be well, normal.

What happened to my ordinary and simple life?

The End

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