Caleb: The Only Way

There was nothing I could do, I didn't want to hurt the boy so I couldn't fight back, but I couldn't lose the one faint hope that I could get Sapphire back either. I felt the wave of energy strike me. I felt as if the atoms in my body were being ripped apart. And then I was standing back in the room with no injury.

"You can't win, you have both Earth, and Time working against you," my father said, but he had forgotten I was no longer just earth any more... I was more powerful now.

" And with me agianst you, you face energy which everything needs to exist," the boy got up slowly, the one I had stood with against the female. There was contempt for me in his eyes but he seemed honest and decent. I knew I could trust him but still...

"Every attack you do will fail, there is no way to defeat me," and he was right, every attack could be rewound however sudden or not, he could stop time in a hear beat.

"There is nothing we can do boy," I said sadly, but he looked at me angrily at that.

"But I'm not giving up, I will make you see!" he came at me then. My wings erupted from my shoulders and I blasted him back with a torrent of wind. A pulse of energy came at me but at the same time a bolt of lightning struck the ground before me preventing the energy from hitting me.

I felt an incredibly strong pulse of energy which was rewinded back, at the same time the tiger lunged at us. I motioned with my eyes and the tiger seeemed to understand. Slowly we stared at each other, braced and circling as the boy now faced my father.

Slowly I came near him but made a sign behing my back, pointing towards Jadia.

I span round and grabbed the boy, gripping his arms and neck.

"Don't come near me beast or I'll snap his neck!" the tiger growled vicously but backed away a little bit.

"See Allan, your friend, Trisha was easy to sway to my side... just as easy as Caleb and soon you will all join me or perish."

"Don't listen to him," I whispered into his ears, "there is but one way we can win."

"And why should I believe you Adam, you have tricked us before, how do I know this now isn't a trick to get rid of us and save Saph?"

"Because he will not give her back, he would kill me first... now listen, there is one way we can do this," I looked at my father, "I will destroy him for your dad, but don't you think we should wake up the sister first, so she can see this?" he nodded his head with a sadistic smile.

"What should I do?" he asked.

"Give energy to Jadia, with that she can break him, and then we will win," he nodded fractionally as I pulled him towards the body of the girl on the floor, "Do it, give the girl your power."

"But I should warn you," he muttered, "it could hurt her."

"It's the only way."

The End

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