Allen: Break rate through

We look down on the town, it seemed so quite but I could feel energy being used, it was like the energy we shoot off into the atmosphere when we use our powers, except I didn't recognize. I searched for familiar feeling energy and I could feel Adams and Jadia's in the same vicinity.

" We've got to get to that house something is happening with Adam, and Jadia." I say taking Linsey speeding up ahead of me. We get there in minutes  I blast a hole through the wall sending dust and debris everywhere. It all dispersersed as I made energy made wind.

" Ther in here I know it!" I say loudly.

" And they know your here." Linsey hisses. Ya I guess I left all stealth strategies. I walk into a room where Adam stood beside a man, and Jadia was slammed into a a chair, he was looking at Linsey and I.

" About time you two arrived." He said, I was unsure how he knew about us but I could tell he was the bad guy here.  I let out of burst of energy straight for his chest, without thinking for a second.Just before it hits him ,a rock grows from the floor which gets shattered, but does no damage to the man.

" Adam what are you doing he is hurting Jadia, your sister!"  I say.

"He is doing what ever I want him to because his beloved is displaced in time, and will serve me until I free her from it."  The man laughs maniacally.  I might be overconfident thinking I can defeat Adam on my own but this other guy, I can only guess can manipulate time, and every situation I could think of I would lose trying to fight him, since he could just reverse time or worse erase me from time itself.  flashed back to reality I didn't have the luxury to stand here scared,and frozen.

" I wouldn't do anything if I were you two." he said.I ingnored him.

" Adam don't do what he wants, in the end he is probably lying to you and lead you to your own demise, instead of bringing Saphire back ." I tried to persuade him to help me.

"I have a better chance of getting Saphire back than helping you."

" We  can steal his power,if we can defeat just help me Adam."

" Shut it boy, you soon shall join me!" The older man say Linsey growls, and begin to gather energy, I guess I was going to have to lose at some point but I had to try just to see if I could win.

Linsey and I both charge forwards, I sent a huge wave of extremely concentrated energy crashing into Adam, I try to uppercut the man with a handful of energy as Linsey leaps over to him, he disappears, and appears across the room from us. I can feel the wave of energy I sent at Adam heading for us. He reversed time, on it. I put a shield over us as we are blinded, the shield buckles, and I feel like I'm being torn apart. It stops, and I lay on the ground slight burnt and bleeding, I couldn't see Linsey.

"You can't win, you have both Earth, and Time working against you."

" And with me agianst you, you face energy which everything needs to exist." I spit, getting up slightly winded.

The End

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