Sapphire: Seeing things

"NO! Please Caleb don't!" I shout at him to no avail. Oh crap, why does he have to do this to himself? I am not worth it, surely. Turning to the dark side is now a regular occurrence with him... haha the dark side I sound like I'm talking about Starwars. Thinking back to the days when that was possible is quite depressing, I sigh, not that anyone could hear me.

He has a weak spot, and unfortunately people know how to use it against him at their advantage. Maybe I could get Allen to help strengthen him...? If I ever see him, or anyone else again.

I watch the scene in front of me as that is all I can do; Owen is just going on and on and on about how they are going to ‘perfect' the human race. While I go up to Caleb and stare into his amazingly warm brown eyes;

"Why Caleb? Couldn't you just do the right thing for once? I'll be fine, I promise..." as though he acknowledged my existence he started stroking my cheek, I know that he wouldn't feel it but I definitely did, those strong and amazing hands that have before pulled me into one of those sort of kisses. Instead he looked at me (is that possible?) and said "If you are there, if you can see past all my wrongs, I want to apologise and forgive me for doing this... but it is the only way for you to return."
He went to kiss me not passionately but soft and tender, which sent a nice feeling all around me, he still had it. He moved away as Owen said something about a boat...

Wait a boat!! We could all use it to get of this island once and for all, just how? Oh wait, I realised, again, that it was only me in this realm. I sigh for like the tenth time already...

Wait what's happening? It all happened so quick and in a blurr, one minuet Jadia was there and then she wasn't and then back again, how confusing!! I suddenly get over my dizziness, only to find Jadia in the floor. Oh no! what has happened?

Owen is just standing there looking pretty triumphant while Caleb is just standing there with an o on his face.

"Don't worry m'boy you wont have to see her again!" I look at him, what has he done? I follow my instinct and went over to Jadia;

"Oh gosh J what has he done to you?"

The End

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