Jadia: Spinning Out of Order

Jadia’s head hurt, as she felt herself being whisked through the air. Time didn’t seem to be making sense; she was watching Kevin run backwards and seeing herself anti-materialise, and it was all making her dizzy.

“There’s one little pain I have to sort out beforehand, though,” she heard man’s words, as quiet as a whisper, yet as loud as someone yelling right into her ear.

Then she was back in the whiteness, watching Sapphire disappear and hearing herself question:

“Do you love my brother?”

The other Jadia disappeared shortly after trying to find Sapphire, and so this Jadia was left to the whiteness…again. But, if there’s two of me buzzing around…? She was confused beyond her craziest dreams, perhaps there are more, she giggled hysterically at the thought of another Jadia flying around, bodiless, but conscious and aware of the multiple people. Suddenly Jadia felt herself let go of the boundary of sanity, and was laughing into the ‘floor’ of her white prison.

“Oh, Marguerite…” The same voice cut through the whiteness and Jadia laugh, “Now is your time to shine…As an immortal…a deceased one!”


Air rushed into Jadia’s lungs again, and her eyes fluttered open to view the filthy room of her father’s detached house. That wasn’t just a dream…? She frowned, but the two figures some way in front of her view turned; Caleb was there, along with their dreadful father. Then she knew, even if it wasn’t a dream, he had called her from it.

Jadia flushed with anger, and could taste her spit against the murky piece of fabric in her mouth.

Owen was onto Jadia like a vulture on a dead body.

“Yes… you’re awake. Meet my assistant, Caleb, I’m sure he will be very pleased to help me with my plan,”  he sneered as he plucked the wad out of Jadia’s mouth, and started untying the knots at her hands and feet.

“What plan? Caleb will do nothing for you.”

“Oh, but you don’t know dear Caleb. After all, you haven’t seen each other for so many years.”

Jadia hated how much sarcasm her father used.

“Anyway, I feel I should give you, my beloved, a chance. So here, have your lousy brain-functions back.”

Jadia felt her mental strength return, and immediately tried to make a break for the door. She was free, so why not get as far away as possible? Suddenly though, Jadia felt like she was in rewind: her feet would not follow their steps through and they were taking her back to the chair, without her agreement.

“You’ll have to do better than that, naïve one. You should…learn to fight!”

And her father threw Jadia back towards the chair with his powers of time-travel; he could make her go anywhere or do anything she didn’t want to do, just because he had some strange control over her body. It was full control and it scared her.

Nevertheless Jadia fought back with all her might.

She tried to push thoughts into her father’s mind; thoughts of regret, and feelings of doubt against what he was doing, but, as he was older, he was also far more powerful. They fought, in what seemed like an endless battle of willpower, but what was really only a couple of minutes, with Caleb standing by, frozen, as though he could not do anything to assist or attack.

Then Jadia fell back against Owen’s mighty power and collapsed onto the floor. She was falling, spinning, dying…

Spinning out of order around all time.

The End

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