Caleb: Boat

"I have no choice then," I slumped my shoulders, "if I want to save her I will have to do as you will," his smile went from ear to ear.

"Excellent, father and son!" a manic look spread across his face and he grabbed my shoulder, "it will not be as bad as it seems right now... oh and about before, when I was going to give you up..." he said it like it was simply a passing matter of no importance, "...I was sad then," he turned to me and smiled again, "I'm not now so you can forgive me for that as I forgive you for collapsing that roof on my head," he led me into a study and drew a letter knife and slammed it on a map on his desk. It was America, "we m'boy are going to save the world, because the none normal people don't deserve to take control of it; they are rats that need to be exterminated!"

And so began his speech.

I looked around the room, trying to see if I could find her, see past this illusion but she could not. Then I perceived my arrogance, after what I had done to her, after everything, why would she stick around, why should she love me. It was like I had pulled my head from under the waves and saw the world as it was rather than cloaked in the murky depths... only to be forced back under in waves of misery and anger at my father.

I should have killed him when I had the chance.

I had a feeling though that she was there. I lifted my hand into the air and made a caressing motion, as if I were stroking her cheek. I could remember exactly how tall she was and where the cheek would be.

"If you are there, if you can see past all my wrongs, I want to apologise and forgive me for doing this... but it is the only way for you to return," I went to kiss the air, feeling slightly foolish as I did and looked again to my father who was still ranting.

"So first we get off this accursed island," he turned to me then, "and I have a boat," he winked. 

The End

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