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So, that was it, was it? Jadia was alone again. She sighed and sat down on the ground (that is, if there was actually any physical ground which, currently, it didn’t feel like. In fact, Jadia wasn’t even sure that she was actually sitting.)

Suddenly the girl felt her body being pulled in several different directions, as though she was putty, and pulled incredibly gently, so it was rather like a tickle than an uncomfortable jolt.

Another second later, and Jadia’s feet were touching solid ground. She gasped as salty sea-air filled her lungs, combined with the bitter taste of rubble and dust. Now, it seemed, her physical senses had become more acute… yet her psychic ability had not returned. Jadia sourly laughed out loud at the irony of how the two words were so similar.

Nearby there was another gasp and some rustling, then a voice that was as smooth as chocolate. A voice that Jadia knew all too well.

“What the-” Kevin said.

“What…what happened? Hello? Anybody?”

Jadia ran to Kevin, her eyes and voice sparkling with the fresh excitement of passion.

“Kevin!” She cried, tears of joy springing to her eyes, “I’m here, it’s Jadia. Look.”

But Kevin would not look. He scanned the forest and the ocean, a puzzled expression crossing his face.

“Kevin…?” Jadia muttered as she tried to assist him off the ground, but, though she could touch the warm grains of golden sand, she could not touch the hands of the boy she loved.

Finally Kevin turned his head in Jadia’s direction and gazed towards the house. It wasn’t that Kevin would not look at her; it was that he could not look at her.

Jadia found information in her mind, not via powers but through memories, which could explain what was going on. One night her daddy had told her the ‘story’ that sometimes, if the person who had pushed another into ‘nowhere’ wished it, the ‘pushed’ person would return to his or her life normally, with the exception that they would be in a little pocket of time, a second forward or behind the rest of the ‘normal’ world.

The curious young Jadia had asked whether the trapped people could meet up and “have a tea-party”. How silly, I was…

Kevin stopped brushing the sand off his jeans and looked up, as though he had heard her thoughts. But then he started sprinting towards the forest, running straight through Jadia. Her tears of joy became tears of frustration, running black lines down her cheeks. She felt as though he had taken her heart with him.

“Father! Now it’s personal!”

The End

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