Sapphire: Lonely

When Caleb went my world crumpled, I was a depressed mess. I love him, and we have been through so much together. So when I saw him, in a form of what looked like an angel, I felt enlightened. So what, he may not be all there, but the essence of him was still there, his soul. He didn't recognise me but, his love, for me and for his friends still stayed strong.

So when Jadia, in the form of Kevin's body, came up to us, seemingly struggling we both knew we had to help her/him. But then their father decided to play games with us, trapping me and Jadia, who I was greatly relived to see, trapped in what seems like the black space of time. So me and Jadia decided to just talk about things, especially when I was trying to get her to use her powers to help get us out- to no avail.

After a long and maybe a bit tedious conversation, Jadia switched it to something else;

"So do you love my brother?" what sort of question was that? Of course I did, he makes me feel completely different yet still letting me be myself, he makes me feel complete he is the person I want to be with- forever.

I was about to answer something along those lines when Jadia's ‘daddy' came back, and muffled me, so Jadia couldn't hear me scream. And he took me back to the house- what, why did he take me to see Jadia, only to bring me back? I turned around to ask him, but he had disappeared, I just don't get it, but then I have seen some weird things recently. So I tried calling for Caleb, but to no avail. I walked into the kitchen, and saw him standing there with his dad.

"Caleb! Please, we need to get out of here! Come on!" I go over to him, and start trying to pull him, but it makes no difference.

"Caleb!" I walk in front of him, but he obviously cannot see me.

"Oh Caleb no!" I cry. This is when I realise that they are talking, which makes me quieten down for a bit, and stand beside him, while standing next to him.

"...trapped her somewhere in time... so that you will co-operate, she will always be one second behind you in time, for all you know she is right next to you now," he glances at me as thought he knew I was there and then continued, the pain growing on Caleb's face, "but you will never see her... unless you do what I want."

I gasp, so I am a second behind him, so I can see him but he can't see me. But he will never be able to see me unless he does what ‘daddy' tells him. I will just have to hope he still forgets me and how much I mean to him. Or at least hold up until I can work out how to get back- on my own...

The End

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