Jadia: Interest In Trish

“We’d been the best of friends for years. My only friend, in fact. She knew about Caleb’s feelings and encouraged me to forget about him.

“We were the perfect sibling pair: she was willing to do everything for me and we shared the same likes and dislikes. Mostly a dislike of the colour pink, a hatred of dumb boys, and a liking of horror films.

“It was nice…too nice that I should have seen…Until last year, when I became fifteen, I don’t know what happened but Trish changed. She became cruel and uncaring; the A-Level studies suddenly being left for disappearing half the week. My mother starting hating her, and with that, me because Trish and I were so close beforehand.”

“Were there any triggers just before Trish became…evil?”

“I don’t think so. In my late fourteens, we had had a couple of controlled house fires, but my parents always presumed that Trish had caused them. They thought she had started smoking…

“It worried me, the sudden change in her personality, but whenever I tried to question her, to figure this new Trish out, she started threatening me…

“It was like she had lost all trace of my sister to be replaced-”

“-By an alien.” Jadia said plainly.

“An alien? The hell?”

“There’s an alien in Trish. I don’t know what it wants with us. Maybe its mind had been influenced by Trish’s jealously and so it went after you.”

Jealousy? What did I have that she didn’t?”

“No powers,” Jadia used her physical and logical brain instead of the mysterious mind that had disappeared with her proper consciousness, “Your family didn’t know of the skill that you possessed…though maybe those house fires were caused by you…Perhaps Trish, who already had a power - by the way, just what actually is it? - spotted the things that you were doing before the alien got her. Afterwards it got her old messages mixed up with other things…perhaps she met my father, who had been messing with aliens or whatnot, or maybe the alien helped her meet my father and run amok. I think, maybe, she was trying to help by sending you away. It’s what my father thought…” Though he thought it was for the safety of the whole World.

Jadia paused and contemplated his idea of ridding the World of people with powers, in order so that they would not end up destroying the World with their battles. He would even try and kill his only daughter to save the Earth… Ironically it had brought together another pair of ‘powerful’ people to pass their genetics onto their children…That is, if Kevin was even alive. Suddenly Jadia panicked. She decided to change the subject.

“Do you love my brother?”

Even without her powers, Jadia was aware that it was too quiet. She spun on the balls of her feet and gazed through the whiteness.

Where was Sapphire?!

The End

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