Jadia: Windows Into The Soul

“How about using your powers?”

Jadia sighed.

“No, they don’t work,” she said, for about the fifth time.

“How about-”

“Sapphire! Nothing’s gonna work! Daddy said so in the stories he told…”

“Maybe he was lying. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Sapphire…” By now, Jadia was getting tired of her friend’s persistent escape techniques.

Sapphire turned to her.

“Jadia! We can’t just give up!”

“But, Daddy…”

“I don’t trust him. You shouldn’t.”

Although she was offended, Jadia kept her voice calm.

“He’s my father, Sapph. I’ve known him for at least eight years of my miniscule life, I can’t just give up on him!”

Give up on him?! He’s the one who’s given up on you, dumping us both here like that.”

“I…I don’t think he’s given up on me, something’s just infiltrated his mind…Just like Trish. Sapph, tell me about Trish.”

Sapphire looked as though Jadia was kidding herself.

“It could be the key to all our problems; how we’ve been trapped,” Jadia told her.

Suddenly Sapphire’s eyes became wild, showing every thought, the windows into the soul.

“I trusted Trish,” She whispered, “I trusted her and she turned on me. Turned on all of us. I don’t know how or why she did it, but she seems to be the one who organized our ‘extermination’.”

The End

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