I look down at the town , there was group of men heading to the west with weapons. People carrying weapons after a house exploded generally doesn't mean everybody is going to live happily ever after , and have a bloody picnic.  I race forwards  using a few steps energy boosted . The men  stopped at a hole in the ground. I shoot into the middle of the crowd, I see a tiger in the hole..... Hang on thats got to be Linsey. And in that second I hear a gunshot, I didn't look to confirm if they hit Linsey I just got really angry. A barrier forms on the hole I land on it quietly the men raise there guns at me.For a moment its quite before as they stare trying to guess what I could do. A small gust of wind picks up , growing stronger, the men can't stand the silence any longer and fire.


I bring my hand down the energy disntergrating the bullets and sending the men flying backwards dropping there guns, I shoot forwards grabbing the closest one and throwing him with a blast of energy into the village, he shoots off like a missile hitting a building toppeling it over sending dust into the air.  One gets up I kill him with a bolt of energy which destoys his body and boiling his blood.  The rest get up, I can tell they had powers or abilities , I didn't care they would be dead in seconds. Energy begins to swirl around me the men take shots the bullets get crushed before the hit me.  I compress the energy  into small stone I run forwards and slam it onto the ground I shield myself with a barrier as a river of blue violenty rusher over me destroying the landscape around. When it ends I see that the blast went through the town decimating the westsern end of it.

I let the barrier over the the hole go Linsey is in ther unhurt the bullet in the middle of the hole, I was glad I jumped in , and hugged Linsey despite the fact she was a huge tiger.

" Hey, I'm so happy your okay." I say lefting us out of the hole from below using a barrier and energy to raise us out.

The End

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