Linsey: Trapped Again.

I'm running as fast as I can. Oh god, why did I eat in front of him? I shake my tiger head. I bet he hates me. It's never nice to see someone eating a deer raw.

Is that smoke? It is. Ohmygod, there's a village! I sigh with relief and start running towards it. I suddenly stop. What am I doing? I can't go running into a village like this! Stupid denfence thingy! I shake my head.

I'm gonna see how big this place is. Istart running around the perimeter of the village. Hmm, it's big and I haven't made it all the way around yet. I look up and see someone standing far away. It looks like... No? Yes! It's Allen! I roar happily, I can't help it. What's he doing up there? Why isn't he down here?


I've fallen in what looks like a big hole! Great, just bloody great! I start roaring and pacing. This is soooo not my day!

The End

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