Jadia: Nothing

When Jadia regained consciousness all she saw around herself was nothingness. White stretching the full length of her vision. A dark smudge suddenly appeared in the distance. The smudge seemed to turn and look around. Running forward, Jadia saw the shape form into a girl, confused and staring in wonderment at her surroundings.

“Sapphire!” Jadia ran towards her friend, the perfectly-formed flame coloured ringlets bobbing up and down around her shoulders.

Sapphire was fully healed and so was Jadia. The cuts on her head, now just faint scars, her ripped clothes sewn back together, and her hair combed as if she had never woken up in that house.

It seemed ages ago now; a distant memory messed up in the house where time had stood still. Time…

“Jadia! Everything happened! You were in Kevin, he collapsed after telling us to go to that village…But men came with guns…We handled them, but when we entered the house like you said, we got caught by a guy who looked like an older version of Adam….The old Adam, I mean…”

“Daddy…” Jadia wanted to cry but felt no tears fall, no matter how hard she tried.

“Where are we?” Sapphire said, tactfully changing the subject. “We better not be dead. Man, that would suck!”

Jadia gazed around. She tried to reach out with her mind, as she had done before she collapsed, but could feel nothing. And that scared her.

“No…It’s not right-”

“We might be in hell!”

Jadia’s voice remained calm.

“I mean, it doesn’t feel right. At all. I think…” Jadia swallowed. She hated not knowing. “I think we’ve been warped.”


Jadia sighed, knowing she would have to talk about a time that she really didn’t want to revisit.

“When we were younger, Dad told Caleb and me stories about people who, at a touch and a bad thought, could be wiped off the world, or send backwards in time. Those people who…that happened to never existed in the same time-frame. They were only remembered by those closest to them…

“I had though they were just that, stories…Until now, when I found out that Dad had a power too. We’ve been put in a time-trap. He must have pushed you into this nothingness. But to me it was something different. I still have no idea what he did to me.”

“What? But how do we get out?”

“I don’t know. Daddy never told me the end of the story. I suppose we don’t.”

Oh, how quiet it was in the nothing.


The End

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