Caleb: Trapped in Time

They shot.

In retaliations I created a vortex of wind that changed the bullet's projectiles. Some were sling-shotted into other soldiers that fell to the floor.

Sapphire left my shield and brought up a blaze of roaring fire.

"I've been practising this," she winked and several serpents made of fire lunged at the soldiers.

They continued to shoot but I flew up in the air, in the sun, blinding their shots.

I clenched my fist which crackled, I flung out my arms and electricity stopped several soldiers dead. Sapphire continued to shoot out flames whilst dodging and diving but more soldiers appeared.

"Into the building!" I cried and flew inside, Sapphire right behind me.

As we got in, the door slammed shut behind me.

"You don't think that was... a trap to lure us in here?" I asked.

"What like in case we got cold feet?" she looked at me and I nodded gravely, she smiled in return, "I would've entered anyway you big chicken," she looked at my wings. I felt my face burn but followed her through the house.

We entered the first room slowly and quietly. It was empty. There was a kitchen just off and I entered it. Empty.

I opened the fridge, pulling out a burito. Sapphire came in and frowned at me.

"Would you mind?" she sighed and picked up the burito. Her hands glowed red and the burito began to smoke, "excellent," I looked excitedly at it and wolfed it down, "oh... sorry, did you want some?" she rolled her eyes.

I took another look in the fridge. Gummy bears, and lots of beer.

I must have forgotten where I was and slammed the fridge door.

"CALEB!" Sapphire hissed, but it was too late. One minute the room was empty, the next there was a guy right in front of me. He was about my height with brown hair and eyes.

"You," he muttered, "I can't have you spoiling things so to make this more interesting..."  he walked over to Sapphire and put his arm on her shoulder. She cringed at his touch, but then she disappeared.

A white hot rage filled me, I pointed at him and lightning came down from the sky, destroying the roof. But he dodged it without moving.


"Less of the attitude boy, I have trapped her somewhere in time... so that you will co-operate," my head hurt, I couldn't see straight. My breath was ragged, painful, "she will always be one second behind you in time, for all you know she is right next to you now, but you will never see her... unless you do what I want."

He left the room and I followed. There was a girl tied to a chair, her head battered and bloody. I felt a great swell of pity and sorrow for the girl but it didn't match my what I felt for Sapphire.

"What do you want me to do?"

The End

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