Allen: Village

At first I was slightly shocked and slightly disgusted seeing Evelyn just nawing at the deer , blood covering her face.  Linsey looks up and see the facial expression.

" I shouldn't of eaten in front of you. Iv... er.... gotto to run." Linsey says running off.

Crap I was imature about it may be an animal but its the natural cycle of the forest and wild, I shouldn't be all that disgusted, I like meat myself. Where did that Linsey run off to? I look at the ground I didn't pride myself as a good tracker , I couldn't even find the footprints of Linsey in her tiger form.  I guess she'll be back at the house soon. I hoped she didn't think I was being immature.  I got lost on my way looking for the house strange because I hardly ever get lost. Just beyond the hill I see a village , with many houses.

" This was here that whole entire time , and I haven't noticed it?" I question myself.

The ground shakes violently then across town a houses roof explodes open.  I could feel a fight coming one. This must be where the others are.  I need to find Linsey.

The End

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