Linsey: Eating

I sigh. "I'm not useless Allen. I can get it myself." I start to walk out slowly.

"Linsey! I know you're not useless, I was just trying to help." I sigh again in my white tiger form. "I know Allen. It's just how I feel." I can feel his hand lightly brush against myback. I close my eyes and purr a little.

"We're going to get you back Linsey. You're going to be you again."I look into his eyes, he's so certain that I'll be normal again. How can he be though? What if I'm stuck like this forever? God, that'll get annoying but I can handel it. I think.

I start walking to the front door. "Where're you going?" I laugh, even though it really sounds like a growl. "I'm going hunting, wanna come?" I jump out of the door and turn to see a confused looking Allen.

"What? Don't worry, I won't turn on you. I have standers." It takes a while for him to get it. "Hey. Just because you're a tiger at the moment, doesn't mean I can't kick your butt." I grow playfully and flick my tail. "C'mon then Al." I start to run off towards the forest, knowing that Allen Drake is following me.

I can sniff out a deer. Oooh, a lovely, juicy deer. My sences extend, following every movement of the deer. All four of my legs are moving at record time towards the deer. My eyes get bigger as the biggest deer moves into my focus.

I leap on the deer, my claws extended. I start to feast on it. Mmh, deer. I turn back to see a shocked looking Allen. My eyes turn to the ground. "Sorry Allen." I mutter, turning away from him ashamed. "I shouldn't of eaten in front of you. I've... er... gotta run." I sigh and head away from Allen.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid idiot! I shouldn't of told him to him watch. At least, as a tiger, no one can tell a thing about my emotions. I hope he doesn't hate me or remember me with deer all other my face every time he sees me.

The End

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